Does anyone else own a marina coil fitted and hold fibroids, does it give support to, should i hold the lot removed?

I have had an appointment next to a consultant who said i would need an hystectomy no matter what, however he have to fit a marina coil to see if that helped and said he doubted it would, and sent me for a scan. The scan revealed several fibroids i know not what type of how big or where they are all the same, ive got to go spinal column in August for another consultation and the coil is now settling down and i dont own any nasty symptoms to speak off. Id be interest surrounded by others who have the marina coil and fibroids or have have and what decisions they made and if they made the right decision and any on going problems. di

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Has the coil help with your periods? It usually stops period or makes them lighter.

I was going to hold a mirena coil fitted to help with stocky periods but I had too heaps fibroids and they couldn't get the coil in, so I completed up needing a hysterectomy anyway. But if the coil helps you, you might not entail the op. A hysterectomy is major surgery and not something I would recommend unless there's no alternative.

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