Does any other womanly struggle next to PMT/PMS close to me?

It's awful.

I get VERY

*teary eyed
*bad back spasm
*tummy cramps

I feel like PMS/PMT is ruining my life span. I've tried just about everything except birth control. I steal Evening Primrose Oil daily. I've tried Agnus Castus but that just made me break out surrounded by pimples. I've changed my diet. I exerise and NOTHING is helping. I don't want to go on birth control because last time I tried it I be very sick taking it.

Answers:    yes i get SO pissy! Everyone get anoyed with me and i get a saw final and cramps.
From day one my periods have me bedridden for ten days every month. The stomach cramps, back pain, vomiting, depression and hysterics attacks were an absolute misery. I tried everything, drugs, prescription drugs, the pill, nought worked. In 1999, I started Depo-provera injections, one every three months and I havent had a period since. It have made my life wonderful and the freedom is addictive. I will never have another time as long as I live. If u include nausea & vomiting that was me!! What I did was cart Midol for PMS and drink tea for the first day and a half later I was fine, but I went thru this for years!! I even go to see my doctor to see if something was wrong with me! I eventually started taking birth control pills and even presently I still get moody and slight cramps but at least I can function thru the year! If its real bad check next to your gyno just to make sure zilch is going on. Hope I helped..
I used to get almost adjectives of those including the terrible cramps.
While you are against it the only item that slightly dulled these was the Pill for me.
If you had a problem next to one brand ask your Dr to prescribe another, there are plenty around.

But if natural remedies and diet/exercise dont give a hand there isnt much else. .
I do. but i went on birth control and it made it alot better.. I dunno what else you could do if u cant give somebody a lift birth control.. Maybe u should try a diff. kinda of birth control maybe the one u were on merely made u sick. I am on the nuva ring and it has helped alot. yeh only just not back pains and consipation... sufferinf with it at the min... :(
anadin extra is the best :)
me too! i know the intuition! i think the pill should help though! i am gonna try it!

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