Does Abstinence lower sex drive?

The bf/fiancee and I have been chitchat.and the fact that we don't engage within sexual activit but once every 4 months (yes...and counting) makes me think that he requests to wait...and he only does it bc i really want it. We've talk about it but he never answers...but will it decrease sex drive when we are elder? I want to expiriance it all.

Answers:    Abstinence can indeed lower sex drive. It doesn't for everyone, but it has be known that having regular sex keep your libido up.
However, if you wish to keep your sex drive up but also remain abstain, you might want to consider masturbation or foreplay with your partner.

Also, you mention you have talk about your sex life (of removal thereof) with your partner, and he has not responded ably. Is there an underlying issue he has get with sex? If you are interested in have sex and to experience more, it might be an idea to raise your concerns. Maybe he wishes another male to talk to something like it, or a doctor. Either way, this cannot be resolved unless he is willing to make conversation. .
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