Doctor appointment: going on the pill

I'm going to go see a doctor tomorrow about going on Birth Control. I am agitated and curious to know how the appointment will go. What do they do?

Answers:    You might have a pelvic exam which sounds terrifying but its very short and not too bad - of late stare at the ceiling and think about something else! You also might own a breast exam.

Your doctor should discuss different types of pills and contraceptives with you to help you generate an educated decision. Voice to her if you hold any concerns as far as weight gain, acne, or anything else. She will help you pick the right one. Don't vacillate to ask any questions! Good luck!.
Probably a PAP smear, if not in recent times a few questions, might ask you a bunch of names to see if you've hear of one and then discuss it with you.

LOOK UP TriNessa! Been next to it for 3, going on 4, years. Swear by it.

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