Do you know - Best " inborn and on a daily basis - Growth supplement" for an eleven year frail?

My daughter is 11. She is a picky eater but I understand it's the time when she shud get the best of nutrients to grow properly. I am not asking the "Body Building supplements". I want to know if you know of any " support in daily nutritive value" supplements for a minor. If it's specifically for girls - even better... thanks

Answers:    Get her childrens daily vitamins, here are decent ones shapes like drawing characters or animals. If she doesn't drink enough milk, make sure they're calcium fortified.

And other, always check with your doctor. Her pediatrician can supply you the best course of action for a picky eater..
Well, really if your daughter is that young you shouldn't be giving her too masses synthetic supplements or tampering with her organic growth. My opinion would be to explore different dishes your child may like that are more on the nutritious side and appetizing at the same time, and also maybe dispense her a childrens vitamin in the mornings. I believe there is a Flintstone's vitamin for picky eaters. Any children's multi vitamin should abet plus a chewable calcium vitamin. I used to buy store brand chewable vitamins for my son that work just as good as Flintstone Vitamins..
lots and lots of nyquil

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