Do you carry PMS? I have a hysterectomy similar to tens years ago?

I think I started getting pms after my second child was born at the age 28. My mom died two following. I never had it before. Isn't it strange. Now I return with it like mood changes, but I am not a scrounging person. i just bring back sad.

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No, thank God. But I think yours is brought on by hubby! PMS. Poor Marriage Syndrome.

Hairy breasts?

Did you enjoy your ovaries and uterus removed at the same time ten years ago, or just your uterus? Many doctors will lone do a partial hysterectomy, meaning the ovaries are left so they can still regulate hormone level in the body, the problem is that the blood supply to the ovaries is decreased when the uterus is removed thus cause the ovaries to literally shrivel and die over time (usually about 8-10 years). Once the ovaries die the woman starts to go through menopause. Women will experience PMS symptoms but they usually escalate over time. You don't enjoy to get angry to be having PMS. Different women own different PMS or menopausal symptoms. I think you should go see your GYN and reach a deal about the problems you are having.

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Sometimes it happen when you have a kid like that. I hold PMS. and i didn't used to.

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No,I've never had pms.

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