Do menstrual cramps go away after the birth of your first baby?

Answers:    For some women, yes.

For many other women, NO.

You won't know which group you're in until you've had a baby and then had periods for a year or two afterwards..
No they don't, actually they may be worse once you start getting your cycle back after the birth but then subside thereafter. No, even after birth you still go through menstration until menopause.

Thus, the cramps are still there..
NO, unfortunately not. Nope, mine got worse actually... Sorry.
Maybe, maybe not. If anything, mine got 10x worse! I'm going to say no. My mom still has menstrual cramps..
Nope! Heck no .
Hell naw it got worse for me No...but I wish they did..
no. uh, no!.

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