Do I enjoy a vaginal infection, if so, what liberal?

I'm 14. I haven't had my period nonetheless though.
I'm a little overweight.
But lately, I've had a odor down in that.
And for the last week, whenever I try to wipe myself there, where on earth my 'hole' is, I have blood, mixed with clear wetness.
I'm positive this is not my hymn breaking. Because this have been happening for a week. And it's not drippy blood, it's with the sole purpose if I wipe it with toilet paper, I win a faint color of blood, or a little thicker.
Please abet.

Answers:    Hey :)

Yeah, i think your getting your period. I am 14 too so i be aware of your pain! Although i got mine just about a year ago lol but every girl is different and you might just have a standard lamp flow, it take about 2 years for your body to seize into a rotine cycle [28 days] so it really varies when your a teen.

So dont worry in the region of it, tell your mum or a girlfriend or sister or something just to agree to them know. If it doesnt go within a week shift to thea docs :)
Good luck!

Sounds like you might be starting your period. It is not commonplace the first few times you have it. If it is bothering you a lot. You requirement to tell your parents and make a doctors appointment. Good luck.

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