Did resuming sex set in motion my HPV?

I put this Q in the std category and all I get was sarcastic remarks. I am worried because I have abnormal paps some time ago and the dr did a LEEP and then a hysterectomy. My paps be normal for a few years. I am in a monogamous relationship and my test have gone from low grade 6 months ago to glorious grade. I am following up on that, but I am worried because I asked my gyn early on if I could exceed this to my partner. He said no. I'm getting conflicting info from health/news sites. Can I pass it to him and did having sex breed the HPV wake up? Any websites that you can suggest?

Answers:    No matter how much research you do online, you will other get conflicting answers.

Get a second opinion from another gyn..
okay i dont kno if sex "woke it up" but i do kno that men can get hpv they can acually be carriers its jus men from time to time are affected by it the only symptoms they can enjoy are genital warts but again that rare so undercooked that they dont even have a way to assessment men for hpv the best thing to do is to find treatment. and please do it now. until that time you can have an outbreak. I'll reccomend wartrol since my doc prescribe it to me. it works fast and really significant. .
It is possible. luckily for you and for me :P it can be cured. i tried wartrol and it works wonders. I'm ok now. of course if symptoms stick with. go to a doctor. for more info. visit http://www.wartrol.com/?aid=830371 I surmise wartrol is best in the market. i tried it and it is hugely effective and works very nippy. it is also an organic so there are no side effects.

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