Depressed almost osteoporosis? Can I still do something abt it? Really entail assist...?

I was diagnosed last year next to mild osteoporosis. I've been complaining about a bump somewhere at the hindmost of my lower neck. Doc said it's nothing to verbs abt cos I'm already 24 so it won't progress to a point that it's severe.

However just recently I notice it getting worse and feel depressed about it. I guess my request for information is if bad posture can be reversed? It's my fault that I've have bad posture sitting down and took advantage the certainty I'm still young. Now it really shows, so I really want to do something about it...

thank you contained by advance...


Read this website , go down the middle passage where it says read more going on for... then click symptoms . Check thru most of them because you may have other symptoms you dont realize you hold. .
Yes, there are things you can do to help the osteoporosis from getting worse. One point you can do is to take more calcium. They have other kind of meds that can be helpful.

As for that hump, I had something resembling that occur from bad posture as in good health and I found that massaging it with a massager help bring some of it down.

I would recommend consulting another doctor like an endocrinologist (these doctors treat hormone problems such as osteoporosis) or even a gynecologist for another opinion on this to see what they recommend.

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