Could this be a sign of pregnancy or cervical cancer?

For the past week I've had insufferable sharp pains in my stomach,vagina, and back *for the vertebrae it's mostly the lower back*. It's not to do with my period since that be done over a week ago and I'm on the pill but these cramps are way worse than any menstrual cramps I've had.

I have a great massage last darkness on my lower back but it's not helping.

If I skip a meal I quality like barfing and today while out in the sun for a few hours I feel so horrible and the sun doesn't bother me too much normally.

I hate asking a ask like this but I don't want to ask anyone I know personally.

Thank you for answering.

Answers:    okay. I'm not exactly sure, but that sounds pretty close to what it felt like to hold kidney stones. do you have blood in your urine? that is to say almost a sure sign that you have either kidney or gull stones. here is also the possibility of having an appendicitis, which if you do, could burst and possibly kill you. no issue what you have, you should definitely consult a doctor as soon as possible. I hope you consistency better. .
This could be anything. Are you constipated? Are you drinking enough water?

Cervical cancer typically doesn't come near symptoms, at least not until it is very advanced. Are you getting regular pap smears? If you are sexually live you should be. As long as you are getting pap smears annually you have nothing to verbs about.

If you are REALLY concerned about this, travel and see your doctor, don't ask people on the internet. The symptoms you have outlined are so indefinite only your doctor will be able to relief you..
Talk to your doctor. If it is a week after your last period, it could be that you are experiencing aching from ovulation. Some women feel extreme pain as their eggs separate and variety their way down the fallopian tubes.

Your doctor will be able to communicate you what's going on much better than we can.
since you got your period, afterwards no you're not pregnant. I wouldn't jump to conclusions about cancer a moment ago yet. I had that too for 3 months straight..the doctors didn't know what it be..then it went away.
but catch checked out soon It doesn't sound like pregnancy or cervical cancer. It sounds approaching your kidneys. Are you peeing like you normally would? If not, take professional medical advice..
I would definitely see a doctor sooner fairly than later. Not to be an alarmist, but if there IS something wrong better to lock in it early.

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