Could stout discharge be a sign of cervical cancer? I tested pos for HPV but 6 months ago papsmear be neg?


Inverted nipples - I want to correct them short surgery - what do you suggest? Will piercing guarantee it?

It could, or it could be an infection (if other symptoms are there), or it's more than likely plain old regular cervical fluid. :) Cervical fluid is released around the time your body ovulates. It can and does swing from slightly clumpy or sticky, to smooth and milky, to like raw egg white (when you are most fertile). If the "discharge" is the simply symptom, don't sweat it. :)

HPV Vaccination?

Sounds like it may be a yeast infection try eating a couple servings of Yougurt a afternoon.

I am 5 foot 7 160 pounds what does everyone suggest of that?

Not necessarily, but you could have an infection. Please check with your doctor soon.


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