Could someone explain to me what PMS is?

I'm 14 and I dunno what PMS is. When they taught us about the body and things contained by school this was never mentioned. And my mom won't answer me when I ask her. HELP FELLOW YAHOOLIANS!

Answers:    hello my comrade Yolane,
Pms is premenstrual syndrome, it is cause by hormone fluctuations, and usually starts about 7-10 days before a woman get her period.

PMS,its like when your on your "period" (if you know what that is) especially it make you irritated and just like barmy and yellin at people constantly..even when you dont have your time of year you can still PMS just flip out bout everything.
thats what pms is:)
hope it helped ya,if u enjoy any questions if u dont get it still u can ask me..
Pre Menustral Syndrome --- its how like mad of women & girls act before they grasp their period, your cranky, bloaty, some women have breakouts - unsophisticatedly, you are just very miserable and can't stand yourself and neither can anyone around you. AND Its All Normal! (lol),,, If you achieve in this type of mood, do something for yourself -- exercise, take a walk briskly, read a book, etc... Pre Menstual Symtom

It is basically moodiness, bloating, cramps, headaches, loss of apetite, etc.. since a girl has her period..
Not every women get PMS (symptoms). the worst i get is fluid retention. Premenstrual Syndrome. This will teach you adjectives about it. .
cramps, bloated, have an attitude. Pre Menstrual Syndrome...its method you're moody and cranky.
pre menstrul sydrome. it happens 14 day earlier u get ur period. heck im on it right very soon. it sucks. people just reason ur god damn crazy

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