Could I hold Menopause ?

I'm a wife and mother of two and I'm only 23 year's old !
I'm not ovulating and I haven't have a period ,my skin has gone crazy breaking out near acne,im not feeling my self anymore I have gain ton's of weight have some trouble sleeping at darkness and also sleep in I have to force myself out of bed my vim level is very low my matabalisom is highly low could this be a sign of menopause ?

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Sounds like it could be PCOS.polycystic ovary syndrome. See your doctor asap.

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The potential symptoms include:

* Hot flashes and skin flushing
* Night sweats
* Insomnia
* Mood swings including irritability, depression, and anxiety
* Irregular menstrual periods
* Spotting of blood within between periods
* Vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse
* Decreased sex drive
* Vaginal infections
* Urinary tract infections

In calculation, the long-term effects of menopause include:

* Bone loss and eventual osteoporosis
* Changes in cholesterol levels and greater risk of heart disease

Talk to your doctor. I really don't suppose you are starting menopause at such a young age though. Good luck.

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Considering your age I would not equate those things with menopause. The solely way to really know is to have some blood work ordered by your Dr.

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see a doctor

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I focus you should go see your doctor.

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