Copper IUD's and HPV?

So i am in a monogomous, long-term relationship, and thus far we've only be using condoms. I had genital warts 3 years ago, which cleared up on their own and since next i have had no reoccurances. I am upset of introducing hormones into my body, im not against it, just a little unsure, and i am thinking roughly getting a Copper IUD. Does anyone know ANYTHING about Copper IUD's and HPV? I have also never be pregnant, and i heard you should only go and get an IUD if you have been pregnant past...any information would be great!

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I had a copper IUD and loved it. Not sure about your other question dear. Sorry.

I started spotting 3 days beforehand any actual bleeding (pinkish-brownish)only when i wipe i saw blood.?

What is it?
The copper IUD is a T-shaped device that contains copper (obviously) and sits inside the uterus. It can be left in place for up to 5 years. It requires a prescription and have to be inserted by a physician.

How does it work?
-Prevents sperm from fertilizing the egg.
-causes changes to the uterus lining
-causes change in the cervical mucus
- 99.2 - 99.4% EFFECTIVE !

-effective and long lasting
-does not contain estrogen
-does not intefere next to intercourse
-may decrease the risk of endometrial cancer

-possible irregular bleeding (spotting)
-may increase menstraul bleeding or cramping
-may fall out contained by 2-10% of women
-does not protect against STI's

I hope this helps =]

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