Contraception - what's worked for you? The pill's kill my sex drive.?

I've been on the pill for 2-3yrs but it has kill my sex drive. I want to switch to something else , preferably something I don't have to take every daylight, & would appreciate your feedback on what has worked for you. Am mainly thinking in the order of coil, implant & injection but any other hassle-free methods would be welcome!

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I go to the Paragard IUD 13 years ago and won't go back to anything else. No hormones to mess you up, you check once a month after your time of year to make sure it's still there, thats it. You should be within a monoguous relationship, the STD thing, but they are good for 10 years at a strech.

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hi at hand
i use LOETTE, and i ddint realise it until i read yours. but i think that has kill my sex drive also :( i dont seem to feel contained by the mood anymore. im thinking of speaking to my doctor and seeing if there is another alternative. what pill are you using??

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Dont go for the Implanon Implant - plays havok near your periods (at first anyway) and has totally kill my sex drive :( I want it back! lol xx

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The depot provera works for me!!
you only hold to get it evevry 3months and on the upside i didt get a time since lol :D

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