Cervical Cancer...what do they do??

I want to get the vaccine for cervical cancer soon, because they recommended it for my age group and I have no thought what they will do to me.
Do they give you a shot in the arm or what??

For anyonee...?

Hi, I own had two of the three shots already so I am literally immersed in the experience right presently. I can tell you it is given in the arm (the upper bicep) surrounded by about the same place they contribute the Tetanus shot. That area being the muscle nouns, there is likely to be some strain. For me they never hurt going in, but if you are driving later that light of day and move your arm a certain way, it could hurt a bit, which make sense. If you talk to your doctor she should have some handy information more or less Cervical Cancer and Gardasil in supply. Don't be afraid to ask!! Good luck!

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A series of 3 shots in the arm..1st one, consequently the 2nd one 2 months later and the 3rd shot 6 months from the time you got the 1st one. This is something your Dr or his nurse will settle with you about when you budge. Below is a link to the Gardasil website.

Women I necessitate your facilitate (gyno issue!)?

It is a serious of three shots, yes in the arm. Really not a big contract.

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