Cervical Cancer?

I'm sure that it's different for everyone, but after being diagnosed with HPV (the type that develops into cancer) ... usually how long does it take for Cervical Cancer to develop?

I was diagnosed near HPV about 8 months ago, and I've been going for check ups ever since. I don't enjoy medical insurance, and go to school full time, and work full time and don't enjoy money or time to pay the doctor a visit as regularly as I should.

Regardless I was able to book an appt for subsequent month, but just to ease my mind... how long does it typically take? Anyone have any view? I'm concerned because I've been spotting for the past three weeks, it's browinsh and at times it's powerfully, bloody. (also I haven't menstruating for about a year or more now, so I'm sure its not my period)

I guess I'm of late concerned... I'm sure it's not cervical cancer yet? Or is it? I've done plenty research but I just maintain getting different answers, anyone have personal experience with this?

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it take YEARS. like 10. 15. keep getting your paps, but don't verbs about it. as long as your HPV is monitored and treated when necessary, it is unlikely that you will EVER develop cervical cancer.

chitchat to your doctor about it!

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