Can you still bring pregnant next to Endometriosis?

I am 35 and has had to own 2 surgeries to get rid of fribroids and cysts. I had my first surgery contained by 2001 but it wasn't until about 2004 I found out I had endometriosis and have to have another surgery in 2006. But I hold been dealing with the twinge every since I was about 12. I started my cycle when I be about 10. I been on lupron, birth control ,you moniker it i've done it to minimize the pain(which has gotten worst after the surgeries). My doctor just put me put money on on birth control in december but I stop taking them because I started bleeding and wouldn't stop plus I want to get pregnant.I be off of them for about 2months. Is nearby any hope for me in getting Pregnant because I'm starting to give up hope .

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I get the drift your situation. I also have endometriosis, I have have it since I was 12, like you. I own had one surgery where the surgeon told me it be beyond anything cauterization would take care of and if I required to, I could have a full hysterectomy. I am only 26. 25% of adjectives infertility cases are caused by endometriosis but that is not to utter that you won't be able to get pregnant. I go on Lupron Depot too but it wasn't successful. All I can say is try to take it jammy, relax and the best of luck!

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