Can you find pregnant if a man ejaculate surrounded by you while you own your time?

I can't believe I don't know the answer to this.serious answers only please. I feel dumb satisfactory :)

Answers:    It can happen albeit very from time to time.

ANY time you have sex, there is ALWAYS a providence of pregnancy. That's just a fact of natural life and reproduction..
Of course, the answer is yes, you can get pregnant while having sex on your term. Like someone said, it is just fact that whenever a man ejaculate in a woman (and the woman is fully developed and past puberty) you are at risk of getting pregnant. However, have sex while on your period is quite unsanitary, messy and fairly dirty. Can you not wait a few days?! Normally, NO. Your uterus cleanses itself monthly, i.e. menstrual cycle. During your period, you are losing the frail lining of the uterus. After your period though, that first week you are at your fertility prime!.
Yes it's possible. If this have happened to you, you need to any do a pregnancy test or, if it's not too late, carry the morning-after pill right now. Of course you can.

ANY TIME you have sex, you can carry pregnant.

The ONLY 100 per cent effective method is abstinence.
You could win pregnant while on your cycle however you shouldn't have sex while on your period it is not sanitary. Yes it is possible. If for some pretext you ovulate again while you have your period you could surrounded by fact get pregnant. .
from what i hear it is possible to be pregnant...

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