Can Women Get The Free Cervical Cancer Jab?

I think it's fantastic that schoolgirls can get the stab to prevent HPV related cervical cancer. My question is, can women ask their G.P for it too? Or is this something that is forceful only in babyish girls?

If women can receive it, would you need to pay?

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I know you enjoy to pay, but you'll insurance will pay for it.

What can be done just about PMS?

it would singular be suitable for virgins, as you may already have be exposed to the HPV virus, therefore you need to profess regular screening. You could ask private clinics, but I doubt you would get it. It will only be free to girls on the NHS

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Everyone have to pay for it(insurance)...And anyone can get it. It's of late recommended for people under I believe 27.

Does anyone know how to stop it?

for info dance talk to a doctor but i think you own to pay.

Does anyone else win a funky vaginal discharge after sex? no its not an std,?

very interesting quiz, i've wondered that myself, have a star, I will be looking to see what answers you get. xxx

Please assistance slow leriod while on birth control dont meditate pregant what else could it be??

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