Can stress alter your length?

Ive had my period for almost 9 years and my period have always be on time and lasted a consistent number of days. There have been days when they are shorter or longer.but my recent one have lasted me 2 weeks...and i was wondering if this is conventional?
Im also spotting occasionally too which has never happened formerly.
Im sitting exams at the moment and was thinking it might be due to the exam stress however i have be under exam pressure before and my length hasnt been an issue.
Any ideas?

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stress can alter adjectives kinds of body functions including your period. it usually slows it downor stops it htough. I have heard of family (my girls) saying they get long period occasionally, sometimes your body wants to change its cycle and jsut oges right on ahead and does it. I would preserve a watch on it, keep resume on a clander and if it gets worse call your doctor, at most minuscule you will have it all written down
I wouldn't hysterics if i were youadn spoting is very common on occasion.

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It depends... are you on the Depo Provera shot? It can make you do that.
But yes, stress can alter your time of the month, as okay as give you acne, upset your stomach, all sorts of fun stuff. Try taking a time to yourself and just relax. Everything will be alright. If your period last much longer though, I'd reccomend getting checked out, just in shield. Get better, hun.

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Yes it can cause you to not have it, enjoy it late or just really pallid. I have never heard of it making it worse though. Are you on birth control pills? sometimes they can do esp if you in recent times change or haven't been taking them right, you could be trying start and next stopping...only other thing i could influence is call you gyn and ask.

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Yes definitely. Stress can create your body to behave in abnormal ways. It can snag getting your period, it can make the flow increase or lessen. I know you mentioned that you are going through some stressful things but try to relax a bit.

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yes definately plus with u worrying about ur spell u can make it worse! (however if uv been have sex recently and are experencing bleeding after sex get it check out to rule out and STI's, ther so adjectives now adays evryone should get checkd out freshly incase)

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it might be, but i think you usually miss your period if your stressed, if this continues after your exams, you should stir to the doctor

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100% definitely yes

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yes, stress can alter your period, it can also bestow you spots too, isnt it great? mother nature knows how to see you when you are down... =[

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Yes, stress can affect your period. It wouldn't hurt to get checked out by a doctor only just to be safe though.

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Stress can mess up your period, but 2 weeks is really excessive, you should walk to your gyno just to be safe

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YES!! Stress.. Nutrition, exercise any modification in any of these can change hormone level which will effect the cycle!

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Yes, it is. Don't worry about it - it is probably the stress of your exams.

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yes it most absolutely can!

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yes stress and also bad diet can alter your period

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yes it can

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yes it can

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