Can stress affect a woman's time?

cause right now im in the region of a week late on my period but i get my tubes tied! So im pretty sure im not prego!

Answers:    Because the regulation of a woman's period is based on a complex hormone stability, and how the body reacts to stress creates hormone fluctuations that break that delicate go together, stress is a common cause of missed or overdue periods. It also might be due to a lack of exercise and a less-than-healthy diet.

It happen a lot to me before too, contained by particularly stressful months. You should just rob some time to relax and do something by yourself, at least once a week, like taking a really long, hot tub, until you feel like a squeaky verbs, rejuvenated prune.

Here is an article that can give you some more information:

Hope that helped.

yeah that happens plentiful times.I dont know why but that has happened to me since.Its nothing serious.Just try not to stress so much so that you can have a regular term.It has nothing to do next to being prego.;....
yes. im on birth control and when i was going through some really stressful times i terminated up getting my period twice per month for two months in a row (both irregular period came at the same exact time during the month and last a full week)... it SUCKED. even my doctor said it could hve been from stress. so yes it could be that. still ask your doctor though! Stress can absolutely affect your extent. It can make it light/heavy, or it can cause it to be delayed..
Personal experience: Yes. Do I enjoy any medical knowledge to back that up? Nope. Stress can affect it,
as very well as excercise and food..
Yes, definetly!! Stress does affect it and so does exercise..
i think its da other way around . can girls self on your period cause stress YES!.
yup, stress can knock it out yess!!
it happen to me all the time. my period will be a few days slowly cause stress.
yes yess once i was so stressed i missed it

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