Can i attain aids or an infection im realli worried?

well me and my b/f had rough sex approaching 4 days ago and well some how he got a cut or something and it started bleeding while we be doing it and after he went the da bathroom the bleeding stoped when he washed it stale and then i went to the bathroom and i saw blood..i thought it be my period but it wasnt my period and he told me that he get a cut and he doesnt know how but all we know is that it was during sex...he say mayb it got cut cuz the skin was rubbing together and we be jus way too rough..can i get an infection or anything and a few days following we did it again and it starting hurting him.i dunt know wat to do im realli worried.someone plz help


you can definitely procure AIDS from that, if he has it. or any other STD. why are you not using condoms?

you can get HIV any time you enjoy unprotected sex with an infected person. however, when here is actual blood, you are far more likely to become infected.

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The only bearing you could get HIV would be if he already had it, and you could obtain it from having sex just a slickly as from blood. However, he could get an ordinary type of infection from the cut contained by his skin if he doesn't keep it clean and consent to it heal. If it is starting to hurt, he really ought to see a doctor about it.

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Rough sex can motivation a cut or a small tear, which is probably what the bleeding was adjectives about. HOWEVER - you CAN get AIDS or an infection from unprotected sex, which money: insist he wears a condom each and every single time you hold sex. If the bleeding is heavy and/or if you are still in spasm, you will need to see your doctor.

Good luck.

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you can't get anything from his blood unless he have something to give he HIV positive...if so then you could draw from it from that.if neither of you have any kind of diseases next you don't have anything to worry almost.

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Bleeding or not, if you have unprotected sex you run the risk of getting AIDS or a variety of other STD's not to mention unplanned pregnancy.

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return with tested take this seriously it could be lesions from hiv or a moment ago herpes or nothing at all better nontoxic than sorry

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Why can't he just go and see a doc?...contained by the meantime use condoms if you wanna have rough sex or any sex for that matter.

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very well if he had an infection or HIV or aids then you most expected got it. if neither of you had any STDs afterwards ur probably safe. buts its a rly good belief to get tested, you can do tht by making an appointment with your doctor for a pelvic exam and theyl embezzle cultures if you tell them wat happened. dont verbs. its not as embarrasing as evryone says, and if i wer you i wouldnt negelct it out of embarrassment or sumthin stupid. some STDs are permanant if theyr not treated immediatlely, and some are pemanent and close to threatening. you rly should a condom, or better yet just practice self-denial

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