Can I still bring back pregnant if I have a tubal ligation more or less seven years ago. I regard I may be.?


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You should see your doctor ASAP. I know someone who had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy years after she had her tubes tied. Ectopic pregnancies are extremely risky!

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It may be possible. I had a tubal ligation after the birth of my second child and 17 months later, I give birth to my third child. It is possible to become pregnant after a tubal ligation, but I don't know if there is any time limit or not. My warning to you, would be to take an in home pregnancy interview and see what the results are from that. If it is negative and you still feel that you really are pregnant, gross an appointment with your doctor or an ob/gyn. Hope this helps some.

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It is really unlikely that you are pregnant. Not singular do they snip the tube they insert a "clip" to seal the tubes. That and considering it was 7 years ago and they are feasible scarred too much for an egg to pass through. It surrounded by not probable but still stranger things have happened. Take a exam or go see your doc.

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No method of contraception is EVER 100% effective. But probability are that if you've gone 7 years, probably not. But it's also not been unheard of for women with TL's going 10 or more years formerly suddenly becoming pregnant.

In order, the things you should do are:

1. take a pregnancy audition.
2. look at your age and family history; could you be starting menopause?
3. see your doctor and get a full checkup.

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