Can hot flashes w/ Menopause motivation temp 99.7?

I'm starting to get hot flashes for the last month and when I gain the the overwhelming hot flash feeling, I get low status fevers too. I've been to the doctor so plentiful times and had so many audition. They can't find a thing wrong with me. But I've be getting the hot flashes and fever (99.5) on and off for 6 weeks. My doctors they even tested me for cancer, lupus and autoimmune disease all are negative. All blood work is usual.

Have you had hot flashes and low grade disorientation too? Please share your experience. I'm going to have them check my hormone levels. I'm individual 41 years old and this SUCKS!

Answers:    Its quite a shock isn't it when the hot flushes start, mine
started surrounded by my early 40's like you and I still obtain them. Many go on HRT but that wasn't for me. The best food to take
is Soya Milk (takes a while to take use to). The chinese do not have a word for menopause, as the women don't get them. Due to their rich soya diet. I still drink cow's milk too, but if I'm past its sell-by date soya milk for a couple of days, the sweats come back. (I think soya have a substitute hormone-oestrogen to replace what not being produced). Did you mom start hers early? Don't lose heart - it not for ever.
Yes, and thank God it is over.Your skin get hot and flushed, your blood pressure rises, and just when you are really hot, you start sweating, and end up human being cold.yup that's menopause for ya.

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