Can a fighting fit full-size woman be justifiably denied a tubal ligation because she's "too immature to put together this decision"?

It may not be in the laws, but can a clinic or a hospital refuse permission for to perform this procedure? On the basis that, although an fully developed and without medical complications, she is "too young to trade name such a permanent decision" and the doctor does not want her to regret not having children surrounded by the future?

If you know of cases where this have happened, could you please cite a source?

Answers:    Both doctors and hospitals can set policies on elective (in other words not life threatening... optional) procedures. Often these are providers who enjoy a philosophical problem with the procedure... like Catholic doctors/hospitals and sterilization or abortion. Essentially, the argument is that you cannot FORCE a provider to do a procedure to which he is morally opposed. Whether or not the policy could be challenge in court is open for discussion. Usually, the argument would be to refer the character, in this case the youthful woman, to another provider or facility that has no such restrictions. If the doctor or facility was the ONLY one inwardly a reasonable distance, then the shield "might" be questioned..
I used to work for an OBGYN and he would not do them unless over 30 or at least 1 child

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