Breast Implants? Do you enjoy them? Know someone who does? ?

I was wondering if people would share personal experience. I enjoy wanted them for 9 years. have done seriously of research. I want them for me. My husband loves what i have. I am willing to grant out my email address to anyone seriously interested in talking give or take a few it. I ran into some disturbing stuff when i did research. But its the internet so...
Main points
How long you have have them?
have they had to be redo?
Are they realistic or Jumbo? (i want a realistic size)

Answers:    your husband loves them for two reason. one, the are on your. two, they are real. im guessing your the only one that isn't smiling with them. why that matters is on you.

Personally, I would clutch real over fake any afternoon of the week.

Oh yeah, just get boob graft and try to have a mammogram! jk its like impossible.
My sister feel the same way (wanting the implants) and, she's 31 presently and I'm 17 but from time to time she definitely has problems. I be about 14 or so when she got them, and I'd hear her converse to my mom a lot about how she's be bleeding and actually got a couple infections to where on earth my mom actually went to the appointments beside her because it was serious but my sister didn't really feel it be necessary. For me I don't really like the theory, especially when you're 70 years old and you're all wrinkled however your boobs are like a 25 year old. Lol WELL SUM PPL ARE DiFFRENT THERE HAS BEEN SOME CASES WHERE THiNGS WENT WRONG SO THERE iS LiKE A 50 50 CHANCE SO JUST PRAy ABOUT BUT i SERiOUSLy THiNK YOU SHOULD'NT DO iT BECAUSE iM PREtTy SHuRE YOU LUK FiNE THA WAy YOU ARE AND iF YOUR HUSBAND LiKE THE WAy YOU ARE yOu JST MiTE NOT WANNA DO THAT. AND PLUS THERE ARE SiDE EFFECTS YOU HAVE TO DEAL WiTH AFTER WARDSZ. OH YEAH SOME PPL HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS AFTER WARDS SO iDK. MAyBE YOU SHOULD THiNK TWiCE ABOUT THiS AND i AM NOT TRyNA SCARe YoU OUT OF THiS SO DONT THiNK THAT JUST THiNK TWiCE BEFORE YOU DO THiS!

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