Breast Implants?

Your thoughts? Pros and Cons? I'm 22 and they are the same size since I was 15. =(

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sa_2006 covered it pretty thoroughly. I'd include that I've been privileged to see more than my share of breasts, from AA to DD, and they were adjectives, without exception, beautiful and sexy. The small ones no smaller number so than the others. Any guy who thinks otherwise is a bit too wrapped up in his own misguided notion of good looks to be interested in you as a person.

If you do it, do it for yourself, not someone else.

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Breast implant are among the most popular of surgeries conducted today. It is the most performed plastic surgery in the USA, near over 300,000 operations performed this year alone. In adjectives, though breast augmentation procedures are generally safe, one should other consider the pros and cons of having a procedure such as it done to them.

Breast implants are aesthetical enhancement to beautify the breast area of those who are genetically predisposed to have small or shapeless breasts. Since shapely breasts are attractive in many cultures, abundant women often have this procedure done on them to rearrange their image and promote a stronger sense of self-esteem.

In the past, this augmentation consisted of have a doctor inject fat into the breast tissue. However, this proved to be undesirable since it resulted in calcification, or the harden of the breast tissue. Some people opt to have hormonal treatment instead. Although this works for abundant women, it does not work for all.

Today most breast augmentation procedures involve the insertion of silicone or liquid implant. Liquid implants or sacs of saline solution are inserted contained by the same way silicone implant would be. The size and shape of silicone or saline implants depend on the person's preference, which also considers the altitude and built of a person.


1. Breast implants can remodel one's self-esteem. Many women are unsatisfied with the way their breasts look. This lead them to have procedures done to them to improve the look of their breasts. Many enjoy expressed delight after having such a procedure done on them. They hold also reported being more attractive to the opposite sex.

2. Increased confidence. Some women, putting it bluntly, are ashamed of the shape and size of their breasts. Having better confidence within their outer appearance also translates in to an increased confidence in their skilfulness to face people and carry out various tasks.


1. Breast implants are not a surefire track to increase one's self-confidence. Some women, even after having this augmentation procedure done on them, still feel inferior and report no increase surrounded by self-esteem. In such cases you will the problem may not lie in their physical appearance, but on a more vast emotional, or psychological problems. This makes it imperative that those performing these procedures act a psychological test on their clients before doing the procedure.

This is to form sure that the person is in the right state of mind and contained by the right state of emotion what undergoing such a procedure.

2. In although extraordinary it is, however, possible and that the following may occur: Capsular contraction-or the hardening of the drive in, scarring, infection, and other malformations. Consult your doctor on the probability and implications of such a procedure.

In all this augmentation take the best of science and mixes it with the best of beauty. The result is a wonder of science that help women achieve a beauty they desire. Before decide on such a procedure, one must carefully consider all the issues concerning such.

Although it does help improve one's outward appearance, one’s inner appearance is still particularly important and the development of such will provide much more to the advancement of one's self-esteem next breast augmentation alone.

After considering such, your next problem would be looking for a good plastic surgeon to minister to you get that look you have be dreaming of.

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Well the pros are easy

The cons:
They need to be replaced every 5-10 years
They are expensive and you have need of to pay each time
Surgery complications that can be potentially noxious, scars that dont heal, desperate surgeons, lopsided/ misplaced/ poorly done jobs
The pain and rescue period
Some men really dont like them
There can be serious complications if you are contained by a car accident or are hit contained by the chest somehow
If you want kids anytime soon it will interfere with breast-feeding
The skin stretches out, so if you get them removed at some point it will look funny
If you enjoy a history of breast cancer in your family, it can prevent rash detection

I am sure there are some more...

Its a big decision but can be a correct idea for some women

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I feel ya girl. I phone up mine my itty bitty I have been wanting to grasp implants for a long while especially after I had my newborn. Things are not the same if you no what I mean. Yes near are risks. But I do know a couple of friends that have gotten them done and they are fine. If I had the money I would get hold of mine done in a heart beat. Oh and I'm 24. Hopefully I will be capable of afford them in a couple of years.

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To me the risks outweigh the benefits. Plus then you've get hard, overly perky looking breasts that can be pretty obviously falsified.

I'd learn to love what you got and flaunt what you do hold with padded beneath wire bras.

But if it's really bothering you and impacting your self esteem, nothing I can influence or suggest will cheer you up!

If you DO decide to go the surgery route, research.research...research!

Interview the doctors and solely tell them you're considering it at first. Research their credentials. If they make you touch at all uncomfortable, they're not the doctor for you.

Annnd that's my thoughts. And yes I'm small chested too.

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IMHO most of them look spurious. One should be very careful not to select a size explicitly inappropriately large.

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I have them and I love them! Just manufacture sure you follow exactaly what the doctor says and research your doctor before you attain boobs means cheap job! and I suggest going below the breast not thru the areola..the scars are big!

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This is coming from a guy. DO NOT get breast implant. Be happy with what you get. I do not like fake boobs and not genuine boobs make a fake woman.

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