Breast Implants?

Today at school we were outside for break, and a guy be talking about his girlfriend and have sex with her, something stupid, anyway he asked if I thought she was pretty. I said, she's ok, and he said are you overprotective cause she has bigger boobs than your small ones? Idk, perchance stupid, but it hurt my feelings big time. I've always feel self-conscious about my breasts. I just didn't articulate anything and walked off. I've be thinking alot, and I was wondering how much they cost? I am 17, and I was also wondering what are the pros and cons? Thank you so much for your answers, and please no rude stuff, I've already enjoy had a bad hours of daylight.

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Be very proud of what you have! The right guy will love you for who you are and if you gain bigger boobs do you really want this particular guy to notice? You should never carry them before you stop growing. Getting them before you hold children will only add to their substance when you get pregnant causing new sagging. Mammograms are still readable and breast feeding is still okay to do. NEVER EVER modification your body because someone else makes you feel unpromising!!

Help? please?

Okay you need to ignore that shudder. I swear some guys these days have no class whatsoever. Breast implant at such a young age are not only a health-risk but immensely expensive (good ones).

I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if I were you I would wait until you get out of high school in the past you made a decision to get implant. A girl at my school got them and very soon all of the guys call her a slut because it is so deliberate. If you don't want to deal with any of that, I would acquire them the summer before you go past its sell-by date to college.

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i was always so self consciouss almost my smaller breasts..and my ex bf would make sure i knew how small they where on earth and then i mett this guy and he always told me how beutiful i be and i actully saw it for the first time...dont let anyone make you get the impression bad about how you look...and plus simulated boobs are so overrated now...and plus with smaller boobs you dont enjoy to were extremly uncomfortable bras, but if your still interested contained by breast implants the cost is usually 6,000-15,000 depending if you get it beneath muscle and how they implant the breasts. plus if its silicone or saline, or salt sea it factors in the price...generate sure find a qualified doctor...and dont pick a doctor by price..pick a doctor by qualifications...cus u dont want to get loopsided boobies...

but be proud of who you are, i bet your extremely gorgeous..and he prob was just a perv anyways.

Late time of year?

I fit into a C cup, by the time I be eleven. Did I get extra attention for them? Heck yes! Did I like it? Hell no!
I imagine there is only one piece with breast implants you own to think about, if you are a rational size:
Do you want a guy to be attracted to you at first for your large breasts? Or for your gorgeous face? Or your magnificent hair? Or for your incredible eyes? Or, maybe, your pretty legs?
You have to decide if you really want to put surrounded by the money for them, and only you can do that, but you do have to deem about how this could affect you--both in devout and bad ways.

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ignore him.

here's how to win bigger boobs:

Lie on your stomach on a flat surface
- keep your knees bent and ankles crossed
- bend your elbows, while keeping your palms and shoulders in dash with each other
- Get on adjectives fours; raise your body while keeping your ankles crossed. This form of push up does not mean you lift up as much weight as in regular pushups. Do not straighten your elbow so that it locks, as this puts unnecessary stress on the collective.
- Lower yourself down until your arms come in line beside the floor; don’t go right down until your stomach touches the floor.

These push ups should be done around ten times regularly and should be increased as your capacity and stamina increases. You should do this exercise surrounded by comfortable sports wear and on a flat surface, such as a floor! If you feel any pain or discomfort consequently you should stop immediately and consult your doctor.
o Joint both your palms together in front of the chest and put pressure. It develops the breast.
o Showering hot and cold wet on the breasts one after another too enhances the size.
o Pushing wall with both the hand and pushing yourself back and front with the support of the wall help the chest muscle become strong and increases the size of the breast.

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