Breast Implants??!!?

How much do breast implants cost by a Board Certified Surgeon in the New York City nouns. Please only answer if you know..don't give me a field like 4,000-10,000 ( I know that). And please no judging comments.

Answers:    I rewarded a total of 3860.00 for all of my work to be done. But let me break it down for you. Everything is done seperatly i have to pay to rent the or which was 800.00. Plus your anestesia be 600.00 and the rest was paid to my Dr. And no it does not oscillate from your cup size or how big you want them. What does vary in the price is if you want silicone or saline. Saline is what i hold and i have had no problems next to them..
If breast Implants are something your interested in. Then go see the Doctor and get hold of a consultation. Of course there going to give you a span. Famous surgeons will charge more. And there are not short cuts! So the range they give you is correct! and it varies form state to state because some doctors don't have in attendance own facilities so they pay to use the local Hospitals 4,000 to 10,000.

It depends on the cup size you are,
the cup size you want
what doctor does it
If near are complications...etc.

youll have to actually christen and discuss with a doctor to get an accurate price..
The solitary way to get an exact price is to gossip to PS's in your area.

Costs are around the compass you just stated.

in TN 5,000 (average), if NY is 10,000. fly south.

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