Body photograph issues during PMS?

I've started noticing a trend where I hold major body image issues surrounded by the two weeks before my period. I'm totally positive with the way I look for two weeks out of the month but the moment PMS hits I suddenly can`t stand the way my body looks; I look at myself and start mentally pointing out every "flaw". Afterwards I usually end up recounting myself that if I'm "ugly" I might as well go drink chips and ice cream (which I never, ever do--I try to stick to a specific diet for health reasons) and next I get even more upset with myself--usually closing stages up in bed (watching girl tv, ha). Does anyone else have body portrait issues during PMS? What can I do about this?

Answers:    yeah well i am equal way every month
i get so bloated it disgusts me

piece is i could swear that i gain weight lose it and then it starts adjectives over again, the scales say so!.
honey i think that every woman near a period has body picture issues i know that i do, how could you feel sexy in a time resembling this! you feel bloated irratable, sometimes zits...uhhh..sucky time of the month, don't worry give or take a few it, i know exactly what you are talking about

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