Body dummy and PMS...?

I have massive body image issues during the two weeks in the past my period. I'm totally fine the other two weeks of the month, but during PMS I hate myself and tend to mentally point out adjectives my flaws in the mirror.then opt I might as well eat crap since I'm "heavy and disgusting" (in reality I know I'm not, I'm a size 2, but I really feel that path!).and then I feel guilty/upset after I munch through the crap and sulk/cry in bed (I think the guilt is mostly from the certainty that I know I'll be feeling physically bad from the food later---I generally stick to a specific diet for health reasons). It's like a vicious cycle----and the undamaged thing wasn't an issue until I hit my 20s (last year).

Does this happen to anyone else?

Any proposal?

Thanks in advance.

Answers:    All the time chickie. All the time. And not even beforehand PMS.

It seems like you might want to get something to help your mood. There are things you can pocket for PMDD, and I found this for you that I hope will help.

A size 2 is what most women would kill for at the present time, so try to look at it that way. I bet you have an issue too when you aren't PMS-ing, right? It's in recent times around that time when it gets a little worse?
I grasp - I've had body image issues my intact life. Just try to get some aid for it.

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