Birth control, lend a hand!!

ok, so i'm 16, and my doctor put me on the b/c seasniquie or whatever, i was on it for 2 months and it made me soooo irritable, moody and turbulent, i couldn't stand it and people couldn't stand being in close proximity me. and it made me bleed for almost 3 weeks. so i stopped taking when i had been bleeding for a lil over 2 weeks, and resembling 5 days after i stopped taking it i stopped bleeding. i need a go b/c that wont do that, and hold that many side effects, i'm mostly need it to regulate my period, and so i'm on it when i start having sex, i don't know when that will be. what b/c do you recommend? did it give you side effects? if so, what benevolent?

Answers:    Many people experience mood swings and a difficult time with birth control pills. Your doctor may want to put you on a low-estrogen pill, such as Alesse, Mircette, LoOvral, Nordette, or OrthoCept. Having lower estrogen contained by the pill usually helps curb some of the emotional side effects of the medication. It is also majority to have strange bleeding when you are on the pill, too. It happens because your body is adjust to these new hormones and should only later a few months. I think your best bet is telling your doctor your symptoms beside this pill you were on, and then both of you determining which trial pill would be best. Good luck!.
What pill you should take is entirely up to your doctor. Many women experience side effects when starting the pill, primarily mood swings. Irritability is very adjectives when you first start taking the pill. Your menstrual cycle is also likely to go a bit haywire surrounded by the beginning. Birth control pills are hormones, and taking them makes your body a bit confused at first. Your body will most credible balance out after a few months of taking them. You may also want to consider birth control shots as another option.

Ultimately, with the sole purpose your doctor can tell you what is best, and you should consult them with any question you have..
Talk to your doctor about this. He or she is contained by a better situation to analyze what other kind of bc would work better for you.

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