Birth control press?

im thinking about getting mirena but i would like to know some of your experiences near it...also what is the best type of birth control pill you would reccomend?

Answers:    Haven't been on Mirena, so can't give you experience direction in that department, except that I would NEVER use an IUD. They carry the greatest risks of any type of b/c. Risks objective harm to my body or death .. not conversation about pregnancy risks. So if you're considering it, then please kind sure to read about it.

Personally, I have be taking Ortho-Tri-Cyclen (different than Ortho-Tri-Cyclen-Lo) for over 1 year and have been unbelievably happy with it, except for the reality that it made my boobs grow for the first 3 months. I hate having bigger boobs! But eventually they go back to normal and after, after about 10 months on the pill, my periods started to gain a lot lighter and shorter. No other side effects that I'm aware of..
I had a Mirena and removed it to hold a test done but after being posterior on bcps for a few months I'm going to have it put back contained by. The only negative entity I can say is that it hurts when they put it in-- feels close to a contraction-- but only one and the pain doesn't really stay next to you. Because of the extremely low dose of hormones you can easily maintain or lose cargo (if you recently had a baby) and if you bring back a period they will be very frothy (I had one period, which be my first post-birth period and then none at adjectives for 2 years until I removed it). As for bcps, I feel best while on Orthotricyclen lo, but alas I got pregnant while on it (missed one pill and be never really good about taking them prompt every day). If you go with bcps next I'd stick to what answerer 1 said, explain what you are looking for and let the doc decide. I be thinking about that too- I believe you have to hold at least 1 child before you can use this type of birth control method, if you enjoy, then it may be an option-
There are many different types of birth control pills out there- Your doctor would be the best one to put together a recommendation on what would be the best for you- Also depending on your health plan- some may be covered underneath a co-pay and some you would have to pay out of pocket.
I individually take Yasmin-28 and it works great- it's covered by my health plan so it's 5.00 for a 3 month supply- another pill may be more resembling 300.00 for a prescription...just talk to you doctor roughly speaking options, side effects and so on.
i don't know. i think its simply weird to have some plastic point up there. i was taking yaz which i loved but did not love the price so i asked for something similar to it and she give me femcon. also, she said that if you don't want your period you can just skip the placebo pills surrounded by the pack and start with your next. you hang on to doing that for as long as you want and if you want you can come off and do the placebos every few months, its just close to the new stuff seasonique, but im sure a lot smaller number $$$$ My advice would be not to request a particular brand of Pill but to put in the picture your doctor the factors you like (lower estrogen, shorter period, etc.) and let her select one for you.

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