Birth control and low sex drive?

i've been on orthotricyclin-lo for almost 6 years now and i've never notice any major side effects. i've noticed i seem to have a low sex drive but never thought much about it...a short time ago thought it was the way i be. i went off the pill for roughly speaking 4-5 months recently and realized it be totally not was the pill. i was so horny! haha. i only went back on b/c i love the convenience of it and it's final down. i want to stay on the pill w/ the 28 day cycle and all of that (i surface like everything else is so unnatural). anyway...are some types of pills better than others for sex drive or does it just depend on the creature? what type should i try? i'll ask my gyno but i want opinions of the common relations. :) thanks.

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This is pretty normal for birth control...I be in your same situation and tried everything to restore it. I switched pills a couple times and gave up, the libido be just not coming back. I afterwards found a natural herbal enhancer that is supposed to increase your sex drive and a couple other things. It's call Hersolution gel, read up about it at where I save on it at the time. However it's like an instant libido rush and as I kept using it my sex drive was through the roof and continues to be. The sensation blast is great too, I can't put in the picture you how many times I've had multiple orgasms when past I couldn't even get a single one. Theres also capsules you can whip that I've heard are better but I don't like swallowing various pills throughout the day. I was skeptical at first but the return policy be so great that the company was offer. From what I remember you have to try it out for a couple months but then you had time afterwards to return it for a full money hindmost if it didn't work. I didn't have that problem as you can see. Well good luck and I hope this help.

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Your gyno should have a great answer for you there are SO MANY option now. I haven't been on the pill for 5 years (since my daughter be born), so I don't have much advise within that way for you, my apologies. I did just start one to be exact low dose (I'm using it for hormone therapy due to my pms and ovulation "FreakOuts"!)

However, I will say that I worked contained by this area for a while 3 years ago and it seemed similar to there was a unsullied bcp every other month. GOOD LUCK! Sorry you missed out on so much sex! :)

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It just depends on your body chemistry. Yasmin depleated me completely of my sex drive and so far being a month bad of it, I have noticed it is vvvveerryyy slowly coming support (it doesn't take nearly as long to get aroused!) and I can in actuality produce my own libricant again! I was on Ortho 0.5/35 (not sure what it would be called if you are within the States but I'm sure you can find a table somewhere online that gives the names of different brands contained by each country that is unsophisticatedly the same thing newly under different names...if you can follow that lol) for 3 months and it didn't do anything to my sex drive... within fact if I didn't continue to get hold of heavy cramping and heavy period, I would still LOVE LOVE LOVE to be on that pill (did wonders for clearing up my face AND made my skin SSSOOOO soft!!).

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