Arthritis at 21?

I'm a 21 female, about 120 lbs. I basically had a physical done. My doctor took a blood test among next to others. I received a call today and the nurse said i tested positve for arthritis. I'm very confused because i dont hold any unusual or excruciating aches and pains. I didnt even know you could get arthritis at a young-looking age. When i asked my nurse, she said ill have to come surrounded by so the doctor can run some more tests. If someone can give me any generous of information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Yes, Arthritis can affect at 21 years OR 21 months. It is called "Rheumatoid Arthritis" (RA).

This RA can be found out only through the Blood test. There are many different kinds contained by RA too. For Osteo Arthritis (OA), normally there is age stricture, i.e. only elder people will take it. This OA cannot be found through blood tests.

You said, you don't have any unusual or excruciating pains. So, do you enjoy any kind of pains like stiff fingers within the morning, recent leg pains, ankles & toes, etc.? Do you have any swellings, bumps at your wrists, ankles, etc.?

I have Sero Negative RA. I be feeling very right until last Fall and suddently i am having pains. I be mis-diagnosed with OA and used unnecessary medicines for 3 months. By this, my RA get severe and my RA specialist told me that it would have been so much better if i have come 2 months earlier.

I am on 6 kinds of medicine now, still they are not giving any result and the inflamation in my bones is not going down.

This is not to frieghten you, but please budge to your doctor immediately.

All the Best. Take care of yourself.

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You may own early signs of rheumatoid arthritis. This is a type of arthritis that starts at a younger are and can become very itchy if not treated, but there are a multitude of possibilities of others things it could be bar arthritis. A simple blood test will not tell them for sure. They will enjoy to do more specific tests most likely to authoritarian down exactly what it is. A positive blood test for arthritis could also be caused by autoimmune diseases and other things.

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I am not sure of blood work human being done to diagnosis arthritis. That usually shows up on x-ray. But age makes no difference. And it may not be bad satisfactory to cause any aches & pains

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I don't reckon you can test for Arthritus through a blood test. My brother get it at the age of 13.

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