Are you, or own you gone through Menopause?

What did your doctor do for you? Does this affect me getting pregnant? I just took an online free assessment profile for premenopause and I am definitely going through it. I will be asking my doctor just about this, but I don't see her until May 1st. I was just wondering if any of you ladies could share beside me your experience, and actions you took to help attain the hormones regulated. How did your hubby's feel about this? Were they supportive?

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I be Blessed going through the menopause, I had about 6 months of excess bleeding. afterwards just stopped cold turkey. My husband was working within Chicago and Wisconsin about 4 to 5 days a week he was not a round adequate to know if he was supportive or not., but he time that job be over he was home and I was through near any symptoms. I cried a lot. over nothing, and my ill will .was quick as lighting.,and that's how my loved ones knew something was going on. and they be there for me. But it was here and gone. never have to take hormones
and that was blessing. so 6 desperate months out of a life time to me was a blessing. But your Doctor will support you, as each woman is different. and I would be careful as for as getting pregnant, because you can still bring pregnant. Your doctor will also advise you on that.,One thing that assistance me when I was crying, i would remind myself why I was crying, when I get angry, I would remind my self why I was angry. This help me the most as I know it wasn't me, but my body going through a change, and I had to do it because that the approach my body was made.We don't have a choice, once I agreed the facts, I did great mentally with it. I had to hang on to asurring myself I was not going to die from this. LOL as somedays I thought I would..I really did.But keep your eyes on our father he know where on earth you are at with this. and he said he would never leave us,and he won't,.I will be within for you always,too my friend. God blessing and good luck on this vastly awesome journy,you are about to take but you will come out the vanquisher when it's all over. you will be a new woman, God bless you sweet heart.


Everyone experiences Menopause and the perimenopause differently. You can become pregnant as long as you are have periods, so if you do not want to become pregnant (probably not a good notion during perimenopause unless you are going through it very early, or something). Your hormones are going to be erratic throughout this time (the time from perimenopause until the actual Menopause which is the cessation of period; it often lasts 10 years from formation to end. The average age of cessation - or Menopause - is 51). Remember, until you have not have a menstrual period for one full year (12 months), you cannot consider you have reach Menopause. Why not do some research on the Web. There is plenty of information to be found. As for husbands, they are not going to care too much about this time within your life. Don't look to your husband for support on this one, dear. Talk to your friends, do your own research, etc.

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If you are going through premenopause then YES, it will affect you getting pregnant. It is still possible as long as you are have your periods. How old are you? Is your husband supportive to you immediately? Why would that change if you are all the sudden going through Menopause? He he LOVES you, Menopause won't conveyance a thing. When you see your Gynecologist she/he can test you too see if you are surrounded by Menopause and what stage. You'll get a lot of hot flashes possibly night sweats, but that is roughly all the really bad it comes next to during the "change". It's your choice if you want to take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or just agree to your body adjust naturally. If you have both your ovaries and Uterus still intact I'd speak leave the HRT alone and do it naturally. If you do agree on to go with HRT, try a more fluent one like Estradiol, versus pregnant mare urine (Premarin). I am in Menopause and it's no problem whatsoever. Best of luck!

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