Are my PMS symptoms chance?

Before my period starts I get strange kind of symptoms. I'm just wondering if anyone here have these at all. A week or so before I'm due to start I start sneezing more and I seize awful heart burn. Very rarely I get the "normal" PMS signs approaching tender breasts. I also get food cravings and seem to gain some mass (which I'm figuring is water counterweight from being bloated)..Also I get a really impossible tingly feeling in my thighs thats ultra sensitive to touch.
Anything travel through the same thing?

Answers:    All of your symptoms nouns pretty typical (including the sneezing!!) of PMS and are not at all weird. .
Yup, adjectives sound typical. I have huge cravings a week right until that time and my mom actually gets dismal heart burn during hers as well.

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