Are my breasts supposed to own down on themm?

its weirdd,
and makes me uncomfortable,
are they supposed to be this wayy

Answers:    There is spike all over your body and if you have darkened hair then it is more noticable. Pick up some cream bleach at the drug store and it will blanch them so they are not as noticable..
A few hairs would be considered normal -- some women own them, some don't. However, if you have a lot of spine or if you just starting getting hair on your breasts later you probably have a hormone imbalance. It won't be complicated to correct with the proper medication.
Go in to see your doctor. we hold hair all over our bodies. sometimes it is fine, sometimes it is gluey. if you are bothered by it, hair is easily removed.

however if are an fully developed and this is a new occurence, it might be worth mentioning it to your doctor, you may have a hormone problem..
Its completely everyday.
But if it really makes you uncomfortable, you could shave them sour or wax them off. Very normal to hold hair around your areola. If it's uncomfortable pluck them or cAREFULLY shave them..
I saw something just about this recently on Dr. Phil. Some women have fuzz around their nipples. It can be plucked if it makes you more at ease near yourself. ^..^ a few light colored, thin hair yes that is normal. A lot of exceedingly dark coarse hairs, no that would not be right. If you are concerned converse with your doctor..
Some girls are hairy adjectives over. It is normal but if your uncomfortable roughly it pluck them out. where is the hair at???
cuz if its a moment ago everywhere we are mammals so yes it can be there but if its dark glutinous black ones then no its not...
It's perfectly average! As said before. Some women's breasts will have spike on them. It is normal. .
groooooooooooooooss like how much?

similar to a 4 or 5 hairs?

kuz mine do

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