Anyone women beside PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)?

I have PCOS and hate it, anyone near it wanna give me any info on what to do about the symptoms? appreciation!

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I have also been diagonised next to PCOS.don't fret over it cause it affects 10% of women and it is also not a serious problem.
If u are overweight try reducing your weight.I lost nearly 10 kgs.If you hold acne apply cinnamon powder with honey on the affected areas.your acne will disappear short a trace within two weeks.
Stay healthy.chomp through a lot of greens and fresh fruits.exercise regularly and drink lots of water - it help.
Visit your OB-GYN for any oral can also try chaste tree also known as vitex as a oral can do wonders
And remember tht women with PCOS are NORMAL and can concieve..i personally know various women who have had children eventhough they have PCOS

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i know its not curable, but it is treatable. the problem with this disease is that it make you gain weight and at the same time the substance one of the causes of the disease. it is a vicious cycle. to break from it you have to lose bulk. to do that you have to the usual healthy diet ( especially low carb diet) and exercise. some doctors prescribe birth control pills, but most birth control pills make happen weight gain. if you are put on metformin, it can help run down insulin resistance, therefore reduce bulk gain. you didn't mention about menstrual cycle problems, but if you lose weight the cycles will try to normalize. if the cycles are really cloying, then you have to be on birth control pills to regularize.

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I hold it. I also have to much insulin in my system. The doctor put me on metformin and I couldn't pilfer it because it made my stomach HURT so bad! So, we tried Avandia and I like it much better. Unlike the metformin I haven't experienced any side effects next to it. Another symptom of PCOS is a big mid section. That has be my biggest problem.I mean I'm big anyways (because of this crap) but most women who have it come across to have a really big midsection. Hope that helps!

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i own it to some symptoms are weight gain, facial hair, infertility, problems beside your monthly cycle. my doctor started me on glucophage and it seems to be helping a little. it make your blood sugar drop though.

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well i dont have it,, but i know of a forum call with a wealth of info on it, its a community of women who own it and alll the problems they have and help respectively other, hope that helps

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