ANyOnE wItH PCOS????? I obligation Answers!

So, I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago. What cause it? What are the health risks involved? Are all ancestors with PCOS pre-diabetic? Please tell me adjectives you know about the syndrome, thanks!

Answers:    I enjoy PCOS. It causes you to have trouble getting pregnant because you don't ovulate or not immensely often. Irregularity menstrually. It can cause counterbalance gain and unwanted hair (facial). My Dr that diagnosed me never really explained he just threw it out near and then went on (I've changed drs) so I never hear about the diabetic part. I be diagnosed when I had problems conceiving..
health risks approaching diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, cardiovascular disease, uterine cancer (due to build up of facing with absent periods)
pre diabetic? i dont know what you imply. not all people beside pcos have insulin resistance.
they don't know what causes it, some right to be heard weight gain but they also say solidity gain is a symptom. my doctor told me it may be genetic, but my mum never had any problems. i was diagnosed 3 years ago and own tried every pill available to me and i have bad reaction to all of them.

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