Anyone using Implanon sex drive gone down???

I have been on it for nearly 3 months and don't like feel me. My drive is down mound and just don't know if it is the Implanon or just me if I lost it??

Answers:    The first article you need to do is figure out why your sex drive is low and try to assistance get it back. I be in your situation and it's not fun without human being horny and feeling in the mood when needed. I also feel like my orgasms (if I would even get one) be really weak. Probably because of my sex drive.

However, I tried exercising and dieting but nothing seem to be working. I thought I was screwed. I then found something of late as amazing as the vibrator.

My friend at work told me about this stuff she took to raise her sex drive. It be a natural herbal supplement and was I lucky to of found it. Theres no side effects and the sex drive is simply tremendous along with orgasms that are blasting. The stuff is called Hersolution pills. At the time I save money on them at

What I did was tried out for 3 months and that was really it. I found taking them every other daytime or so was the best to stretch it out. After the months were up, I be back to normal beside a beating sex drive and my orgasm strength in increased so much.

Well well-mannered luck and I hope this helps..
Chances are that it is the Implanon. I have not be on it before just close to any other birth control- it releases hormones into your body, and and the leves of the hormones being released may be causing you lose your sex drive. You can other talk to your doctor about a different type of birth control beside lower levels of hormones that may be better suited for you. The pill cause the lost sex drive for me, I am immediately on the Mirena IUD and the sex drive has been average :) Hope this helped! It's probably the implanon. I don't have it, but I know it is a form of hormonal BC, and those ALL can drastically drop off sex drive. I am currently waiting for my last Depo Provera shot to wear off so I can enjoy mine back! I hate hormones, they enjoy made me cranky, and have a low sex drive. I got the copper IUD so I don't hold to deal with this **** anymore. So yeah, it probably is the implanon, correct luck!!:)

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