Anyone hold any remedies for PMT/PMS?

Would really appreciate advice,4-5days before am due,discern drained, sleep disrupted,go from confident(a)social to just wanting to be alone,miserable,irritable(a)lose concentration.Once get my period am fine again.Just feed up of it taking over.Would love hear fm ladies who suffer the same(a)what helped you,thank you all so much.

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Hi Melia,
I know how you consistency; I've battled with the monster symptoms of PMS for years. It's taken 10 years to find my own harmonize, I've tried all sorts but with a combination of hard-working research (into safety and effectiveness) and trial and error, I've found that a combination of using natural / nutritional remedies and exercise works the best. Here's what I've tried and what have worked for me;
*First and foremost, coming off the pill 'Microgynon' made the world of difference for me! Feeling MUCH better.
*2000 - 3000mg evening primrose or star-flower capsules (high surrounded by GLA - essential for hormone balance)
*1000mg Omega 3
*Vit B Complex supplements and eating plenty of healthy foods rich contained by B vitamins.
*Foods high in magnesium and calcium (get supplements together within one capsule, preferably also with vit D; they adjectives help each other involve and be used effectively in the body)
*I'm trying Agnus Castus (Vitex) supplements at the moment - do look it up on Google for more info.
*immediate, calming remedies that oblige a great deal include herbal teas, capsules and infusions containing love flower, Valerian and 'Rescue Remedy'.
Good luck with it all, hope you find your own symmetry soon.

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alot of women say that the pill really helps to control the hormones, get hold of less cramps, and are less moody/ irritable/ weepy due to no huge infulx of hormones.

one of the things i do for cramps is pinch two naxoproxen sodium (aleve).

this one link explains why you get the symtoms- and afterwards how to treat them when they arise. it covers everything! (added bonus: written by doctors!)

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First the '(a)' is the 'at' sign, if you want to use 'and' it looks like this '&', it's called an ampersand.

You could try going to your GP, any the progesterone, norithisterone, or if appropriate the oral contraceptive pill, may help PMS.
Evening primrose, often quoted as man useful for PMS ( and about 200 other medical conditions!) former to survive scientific scruiny and proved no better for this than placebo.

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This is gonna sound awful, but I own found that some of the natural slimming pills (found in supermarkets - not at dodgy doctors) tend to give support to.

They make you less bloated and irratable

May I attach, they dont actually help you lose shipment, but they really do the job with the PMT

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mind over situation

your brain gets messages to make it do stuff. purely teach yourself what you are feeling is a message that hormones are varying etc. perhaps learn what happen then associate what you feel to it.

within a few months you be okay.

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i've tried evening primrose which you can buy at your local supermarket or boots own brand and they have lessend my mood definately. you do need to transport it everyday though.

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moderate exercise and nutritious diet does make it easier. so does primrose oil. i also own kidney beans and bottle gourd. the phosphorous in them makes me perceive happy!

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There are a range of treatments you may want to consider when treating or preventing PMT - and yes it CAN be cured.
Get bad refined carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products, sodium.
Increase iron, manganese and zinc foods (brazil nuts, hazel nuts, kidney beans, pineapple, watercress, avocado, melons, kelp, pumpkin seeds, lettuce, sunflower seed, garlic, millet).
Learn stress-reducing management techniques such as TM, Yoga, Autogenic Training.
Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, cola, chocolate.
Have a look at the source for more information.

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I suffer from awful PMS (my husband can confirm that!!) I enjoy found that if I excercise throughout the month, (I joined a local gym) I tend to be able to focus more, I in particular enjoy Box Fit, lots of jogging, sit ups and logically boxing techniques. This I found helped me to de-stress as I can agree to go of my emotions and stresses contained by a physical way. I found after a few months I was more contained by control of my feelings and when I felt that I required to rip somebody's head off I would rescue this feeling until I could release it at the gym.

May not work for everyone but sure did help me ;)


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yes, you budge to the supermarket, get those little marzipan cake decorations shaped like animals (preferably the lion, elephant, and tiger selection) and step home and start biting their heads off. nil quite beats biting the go before off of a lion or tiger when youre in a REALLY b1tchy mood! GRR!

um, but more seriously, apparently lots of birth control pills assist with PMS/PMT, however, ones with progesterone can fashion you more depressed (theoretically, though on minipills you often lose your period, however, even losing my period i could still tell the hormone fluctuation for some reason) and the estrogen can make you more anxious, (i have panic attacks on some estrogen (combined with progesterone) pills), however, for some drive estrogen levels on top of frenzy attacks also made me run out and buy high heels and bikinis when i usually wore doc martins :/

if you want to calculate the days you will be going nuts, you can use this handy guide below:

if i am reading this correctly (which i may not because i own been up all night) it appears that around 4 or 5 days back one has a surge of both estrogen and progesterone, so one may be really stuffed depending on one's individual chemistry. But from your symptoms you may be able to give an account which is effecting you more and base your contraception on that. Theoretically having the pill make it so you wont get these sharp peaks.

otherwise ancestors recommend primrose oil, B12, multivitamins, yoga, progesterone cream (which potentially you may want to avoid if you are already depressed during these days), one of the recommended uses of prozac is to control PMT however, i would highly suggest you hold back from such things. there are also chinese herbal remedies that you may try but i would be wary of messing near them, as well as accupuncture which gives you a nice little buzz from endorphins the morning you have it, but it wears rotten.

er, i think ive covered everything.
otherwise, i would just recommend if adjectives else fails, using the calculator above so one knows roughly when one is going to shift nuts, make sure one is near one's local supermarket for chocolate and tigers, enjoy a box of tissues and your teddy bear on standby, and isolate yourself and try not to do anything stressful, gross sure you get lots of sleep, eat capably (minus the chocolate of course) and dont stress yourself. apparently kicking furniture and throwing crockery works too. though i have not tried this.

also, try to avoid doing anything really important during this time resembling calling your solicitor, getting married, or running away to barbados.

I personally found i had primary panic attacks when my estrogen cycle peaked (yes, twice per month) and had to jack myself up on progesterone (minipills).

also, crying to songs on youtube help too as it makes you fall asleep.

if you hold a lecture, isolate yourself as much as possible, do not speak to anyone, write down your notes, shift home and proceed as above.

um, tried agnus castus and milk thistle too.


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