Anyone ever have Endometriosis?

I have constant cramping mainly on my right side(like right ovary) and it comes and go and then it seems close to it hurts in the middle. And my stomach is all crampy adjectives over and my back started off hurting lower and in a minute its like between shoulder blades and all over! i go to docter saturday and they did a urine test and took a drop of blood to check stuff but thats it? i have another docter appt thurs near someone else but im scared until then! me and my husband merely this month decided to have another babe and THIS happens!! ANYTHING????

Answers:    I was diagnosed near endometriosis about a year ago. I missed all of the deterrent signs that accompany endometriosis. Yes you do have pelvic and abd. stomach-ache, but there can be other syptoms also such as, painful intercorse, irregular period, unbelievably painful menstrual cramps, and fatigue.
Having endometriosis doesnt always aim that you will be infertile, I have a friend that had it for years and she have two children. My doctor has said that it is possible to still get pregnant, but within is also a high chance of pregnancy problems.
I wouldnt completely stress over it. I found out that I have it a week before my wedding. I cried the unbroken way back from the doctor's bureau and my husband didnt even know what was going on. Over time I have realize that surgery is the best option for endometriosis (I am working on the nerve to certainly have it done lol) I have also hear that after the surgery you will begin to realize how bad you hold felt for years. As for having children dont procure totally discouraged, your doctor should be able to offer you some warning if you are diagnosed with endometriosis on what you should do next if you are trying to concieve.
Good luck and I hope adjectives of your tests and your appt. goes in good health. Also here is a website that offers alot of information about enometriosis..
I own had endometriosis since I was 16 years prehistoric. Yes it is very painful but it almost sounds close to your gallbladder. I have stage 4 endo and it affects my other organs as well. It affectd my gallbladder and made it die. Those pains within your back and shoulder blades are common symptoms of that. I'de own them check that too. I have Endometriosis and it sucks. They say most ethnic group who have it are sterile but I know plenty of people who enjoy it and have bunches of children! It hurts when you're on your period but save for that it doesn't mean much. Don't worry Darling!

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