Any women out here next to PCOS (polysystic ovaries syndrome)??

i`ve had it for over a year now, have anyone got it ? what symptoms do you get ?

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I grain so sorry for you! I am not sure how young you are but I started having symptoms of PCOS when I be about 10. They have leisurely gotten worse the older I've gotten, regardless of various treatments.
I individually get severe menorraghia (excessive vaginal bleeding that won't stop). Yep that's a bummer, because when you are bleeding like a river, you can't do anything. It also cause anemia and fainting.
I also have extremely bleak pains, unpredictable periods, severe migraines, hirtuism (facial hair), and recently, hackle thinning.
I also drop things randomly and am often especially tired from the massive bleeding.
Weight gain is also an issue. I am only able to assert a certain amount of weight from constant exercise and dieting, which is a actual drag! Imagine not being able to gratify cravings! And I get really sick to my stomach, often first item in the morning, but not always.
I've be through hormone replacement therapy, several diets, and other treatments but nothing really works. Honestly I construe I'm at the point of opting for a hysterectomy, and I'm only 22! You've get a long hard battle ahead of you, and few ethnic group are probably going to know what you are talking about. You own my deepest sympathies. However, if you are still young, and haven't been treated near anything yet, please see at least three specialists beforehand letting them put you on hormone replacement therapy (birth control pills). I had a alarming misdiagnosis some years ago that really escalated my symptoms.
Don't take the migraine medicine if you can win your hands on some massive Ibuprofen. The migraine medication can make you slightly dependent on it, and may even worsen your headache if you stop taking it.
For your weight, try following a purely healthy diet, staying away from simple carbohydrates, and revise to make running part of your enthusiasm. You may not lose any weight, but you'll be healthier on the inside. Excercise will also lend a hand you out later on, because PCOS never really goes away, and it does own a tendency to cause heart conditions. Remaining moving an maintaining an aerobic workout will help combat this following on.
Keep up with yearly examinations next to your gyno, including regular checkups, blood work, and ultrasounds. Women with PCOS also are more prone to cancer in thier reproductive organs, so this will really sustain.
Some women don't actually have the really clinical PCOS, but is merely a result of mortal heavy. Exercise and dieting may actually upgrade, or stop your conditions if you fall into this category. So there is hope! Meanwhile, our researchers our leisurely gaining more notice of the condition, and hopefully someday, we'll enjoy a cure. Take care of yourself, and stay as healthy as possible. Do not present up! There thousands of us out there in one and the same boat.

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i have a textbook case of pcos. sometimes you procure a few symptoms sometimes you get none. if youre unlucky like me you hold all of them.
usual symptoms are things affected by your hormones
bulk gain-women with pcos are more shapely except when youre fat, consequently its more like wearing intertubes around your waist, you get the point.
my period are irregular, hoping to fix that with some birth control im taking
umm theres acne and extra body hair, the body pelt thing is the only one i dont own, which is suprising because im a spaniard.
my periods are also very throbbing sometimes, and i have alot of dizzy spells during and before.
also, while its not set surrounded by stone, you could be infertile.
when you want to have kids eating impeccably and exercising properly is the key to being competent to have kids. took a friend of mine who also has pcos almost 5 years to concieve.
if you want to know more feel free to email me

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I have PCOS my symptoms are indigestible periods that are not regular i get one possibly every 3 or 6 to 9 months depending on when my body wants to do it, I haven't had a regular time in years, weight gain, fuzz growing where women usually don't get fuzz! Bad cramps, problems getting pregnant or loosing weight! Darkening of my skin due to not enough women hormones god it adjectives sucks and it is so common among women! I have three friends, six house members who all enjoy this!

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I have pcos, You can have irregular period, hair where men enjoy hair and women don't such as your butt, back, chest, belly, lip, and facade. You probably would have a weight gain, and an insolin intolerance. Depression is also adjectives.The link is attached, it has a lits of other sympotms.

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missed period, hard to lose weight, excessive spine growth, hard to become pregnant... those are just a few. my cousin's daughter have it. I have not been tested, but posses plentiful of these symptoms. there are ways through your diet, that can help you. it is not something that will progress away. definately talk to your doctor. i know there are ways to sustain treat it. hope this helps a little.

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hi, profuse bleeding that menstruation last for two weeks. really draining and i even have the need to bring pills to regulate menstrual flow.

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