Any home remedies for PMS?

Is there any thing that help control your hormones for PMS, I am an emotional wreck and have markedly bad fatigue and very ill. I have tried Midol maximum strength and it is not working, please sustain!

Answers:    Try meditating with the scent of lavender.

When this happen to me thats what I do and it works wonders..
Try Female Toner. It is completely natural herbal tea made out of Organic Rasberry Leaf. Its used to help support a clean menstruation, purify blood, and to strengthen the tone of the uterus. I know... Sounds fancy. But it actually works for me! You can take it anytime throughout the month. Sometimes I drink it when I'm really achy from my length and it helps alot! Hope I helped. =) Do you hold vicodin in your medicine cabinet?.
What I do is steal 2 or 3 IB profen and eat some ice cream and lay down for roughly 30 min.

Good luck!

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