Anti depressants and the contraceptive pill cause low sex drive?

Does anyone know of any natural things that can increase a womans sex drive? Ive heard of hersolution pills and would really resembling to get them but can u buy them over the counter?

Answers:    Yeah, both antidepressants and the pill cause low sex drive. Viagra might minister to..
Yes, both of these medications cause a low sex drive. Try questioning the particular brands you're on (e.g. Yasmin (pill), citalopram (anti-dep)) in This will make a contribution you all the info on the meds you're taking. But I can tell you that both do do low sex drive and depression!

A pill will a lower oestrogen in such as Mercilon may have near this, and taking a lower dosage anti-depressant may also help. It depends upon your priorities. Contraception is probably easier to change. If you are suffering form depression, explicitly something harder to deal with. I would speak to your GP and discuss your option..
The first thing you need to do is digit out why your sex drive is low and try to help get it fund. I was in your situation and it's not fun in need being horny and feeling contained by the mood when needed. I also felt like my orgasms (if I would even achieve one) were really weak. Probably because of my sex drive.

However, I tried exercising and dieting but nought seemed to be working. I thought I was screwed. I later found something just as amazing as the vibrator.

My friend at work told me about this stuff she took to bump up her sex drive. It was a natural herbal supplement and be I lucky to of found it. Theres no side effects and the sex drive is just tremendous along with orgasms that are blasting. The stuff is call Hersolution pills. At the time I saved money on them at

What I did was tried out for 3 months and that be really it. I found taking them every other day or so was the best to stretch it out. After the months be up, I was back to usual with a beating sex drive and my orgasm strength contained by increased so much.

Well good luck and I hope this helps..
Both tablets will not relief your sex drive, im not sure if you're allowed to take them but i heard horny goat weed is upright, but some say it has a placebo affect. depression it self end in this ,,add to this anti depressions is worse ,but its better then committing suicide,
nil can increase sex but love and passion and trying new things

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