Am I pregnant or is this of late stress??

I just found out that my fiance has be sleeping with someone else for the last 2 weeks we are still living together and i still love him tremendously much and our family we have an babe-in-arms and its just hard to hand over up. anyway i of course am stressed out but for the last few days i hold been throwing up everything and i mean i cant hold anything down i am upset yes but not non stop approaching when he is here i calm down. we have have un protected sex for months and i dont know if am pregnant i forget when i am due for my period its anyday now. i know stress cause nausea but i never knew to the point where even smells set me stale

any help??

Answers:    Well to answer your question, it could be any stress or a pregnancy, or it could be an issue with the digestive system. Go to a doctor to have a blood trial done - that will answer the question which one of the 3 (maybe even all?) it is. Because a simple supermarket pregnancy theory test won't tell you if you have a digestive system.
THEN: this isnt really answering your direct request for information, but I think you and your fiance should sit down and talk something like things. Ask him if he regrets cheating on you. Ask him if there's anything else he's keeping from you. Basically, clear things up. Having a child and possibly being pregnant again, a father-figure to the kids is very historic and you need support (both financial and phsychological), so if you can forgive him and he really regrets it, then I focus you should both move on from it: it's for the best, especially for the kid(s).
Good luck!.
I would definitely turn take a pregnancy test. There is one out that can communicate you if you are pregnant up to 5 days before your missed period- for some reason I can't remember which one it is. Also, I would do some serious soul penetrating and take some couple's counseling whether you are pregnant or not. Good luck. You need to draw from a pregnancy test done, but i think it may be of late stress cause when i thought my bf was cheating on me i be sick like crazy and when i knew he wasn't next to another girl and at home with me i was ok. .
this could be stress, pregnancy, or both. You have need of to take the test, and to gain some professional counseling to help you deal next to this situation. Good luck. Only way to tell is to nick a pregnancy test. If you want a very accurate one, stir to a clinic or a doctor and get a blood test done..
sounds resembling you are preggers or you have some digestive problems.
I would take a testing to make sure good luck. It is demonstrably a possibility of pregnancy but i would definatley think this is stress. I was pregnant and have to deliver my daughter stillborn and after that I just couldn't eat, it go on for a year, I went extremely under freight where I almost died. Smells of food or just strong smells within general would make me start gag. If someone even mentioned food I was sick. I had constant nausea and zilch made it feel any better but I didn't realize that it was from stress untill I suffered for 11months. You have need of to work on your stress level, you do not need to be contained by a relationship with someone who cheats on you. I can imagine how complicated it would be to leave but you should really consider it. If you stay there you are going to be wondering everytime he leaves if he will do it again, you are going to get hold of depressed. you are better off leaving and realize you can do things on your own and wont allow ANYONE to treat you that means of access!! Good luck to you and I hope this helps. and if the vomiting doesn't go away soon I would appointment your doctor, they will know how to help, because it is an awful feeling.

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