About the HPV vaccine?

I need to know all give or take a few the HPV vaccine, who can get the vaccine, and everything you know about it.
I know adjectives about the HPV virus and that it can cause cervical cancer, but I don't know anything in the region of the vaccine.
I am 21 years old and am gonna go to the GYN for my 1 year check up after have my baby. I know they have to trial you for it to make sure you dont already have it up to that time they can vaccinate you. But which exact HPV viruses does it protect you from, explain to me. Also, what ages do they offer it to you at, isn't it from like 9-26? what if you are older than that? Also, what are the side effects or risks?
Please consent to me know all you know. Thanks

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Below are links to the Gardasil website and the CDC. Research the information carefully later discuss the risk vs benefits with your Dr to decide if this is the best course of feat for you.

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I got the first shot about a month ago (there's a series of three). It be pretty painless. There can be major complications if you are allergic to the vaccine, but if you're not the only complications are a sore injection site and perchance nausea and headaches. If you are allergic, you will react to the vaccine almost without delay so you will be able to be treated. The allergy is rare though. The vaccine protects 7 out of the 10 HPV strains...some that explanation cervical cancer. It is a wise choice because cervical cancer is one of the main cause of death in women. The ages you give seem about right but if you are curious, newly ask your doctor and he/she will tell you if you are a good nominee or not.

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I had the HPV vaccination finishing year. It is a series of 3shots over 6months. It helps prevent cervical cancer..I think you can receive the shot up to age 26, but don't hold me to that..I would double check with your doctor. You can get the shot any in your arm or hip. The only side effects that I get was pain surrounded by the area of the shot for a few hours.

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I have have that shot and I'm 14. Girls can get the vaccine, but there is a undisputed age limit. There aren't major side effects only just a sore spot on the arm where you recieved the shot. Also it takes three vacinations over 3 or 6 months.

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i haven't followed up on it since it;s release but i do know it's singular for women

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these sound like the sound questions to ask your gyno when you have your check up =)

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